I paint for one simple reason. To REMEMBER glimpses of the simple GOODNESS which is still left in this world.

“With each new oil painting I create, I am striving to evoke feelings of happiness, hope, and peace. I love to paint landscapes that offer an uplifting view of beautiful places. I also love to paint flowers that smile with contentment as they bask in a pool of the sun’s warming light. Each of my paintings are intended to be snapshots of one perfect moment in time. They are meant to provide a glimmer of hope in this sometimes confusing/depressing world. • But after spending nearly 15 years painting so many of the things in life which I’ve found to be beautiful — my NEW mission is to encourage and help others seek out and remember the goodness in their own lives. • Which is why I’ve recently begun to take my paintings and incorporate them with thoughts I hope will inspire you to reflect on the positive, true, and beautiful things in your own life. My wish is that these most recent art pieces I am creating will be pieces you use to surround yourself as more than just ‘a pretty picture’— but more importantly as a visual soul-call to ‘Remember Goodness.’” — Marie Scott

Shipping UPDATE

Orders normally ship within 2-3 business days. This year our offices are closed for Easter week to enjoy some times with our families. So orders placed between now and April 8 will ship during the week of April 9th. Thanks for your patience, and Happy Easter!

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