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"Hope" (12 x 12 art print)

NEW RELEASE! I named this painting after my sister-in-law HOPE. Her name suits her so well as her life is a true reflection of how much good & beauty is to be found all around you if you just take the time to look a little more closely.


Every day is a good day to send a gift that shows your love! If my dog could write, she would sign every card: "With love, ROSY!"

"Happy Here" (12 x 12 art print)

This painting captured a hibiscus flower which seemed to bloom forever. It brightened up the screen porch of the little rental house we only planned to live at for one SUMMER, but then accidentally stayed at for two entire YEARS.


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Easy & Affordable GIFT IDEA!

Write a meaningful note inside a CHERRY HEART card and then include a pretty 4 x 6 frame!


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