Large MONTHLY Desk Calendar "Similarities: A YEAR OF MONTHS"


*CD Case/MONTHLY Desktop Calendar*

This calendar is designed for people who manage their schedule electronically or with a daily planner, but still love having a new image to welcome in a new month. 

The beautiful thing about THIS calendar, is that it never expires! And you can begin using it any time of the year.

DIRECTIONS: On the first day of each month, move the current month to the back of the stack. For example, on February ,1 January gets moved to the back of the stack. Do this every month, for as many years as you like, until you get tired of the images!

The last page of the calendar explains why this year's calendar is titled "Similarities."



  • 4.6" wide x 5.4" 
  • 14 sheets of #80 cover stock printed on the front
  • 12 months of beautiful flowering blossom artwork
  • All pages fit into the CD case at one time
  • The CD case comes sealed inside a clear plastic envelope 

    Paper art prints are a great alternative for those who are looking to add some warmth and color into their decor. They are an easy way to brighten up any home or office without making a huge investment.

    For anyone who loves vibrant, happy artwork but isn't currently in the market for an original Marie Scott painting —at only $1 a month per painting, this calendar makes an affordable gift for yourself or a fellow art-love to enjoy indefinitely.