"Today I Will Choose" 12 x 12 Paper Art Print


"Today I Will Choose"

This paper art print features the original oil painting of South Carolina artist Marie Scott called "Breathing Space" — a restful beach scene intended to capture the vast feeling of peace and space found along the coast. 

Woven into this soothing painting is a message of inspiration. The reminder to care for yourself by taking one step towards achieving your hopes and dreams. Starting at the beginning. Today!


Details of this Paper Print…

  • 12" wide x 12" tall paper art print that fits easily into a standard size frame that can be ordered on Amazon.
  • There is a 1/2" white border on all four sides.
  • This print comes sealed inside a clear plastic envelope with a piece of mat board behind it.
  • Simply pop this affordable option into a frame and you will instantly begin to brighten up any room.
  • The painting is very light in the background, as shown in the first image.

Paper art prints are a great alternative for those who are looking to add some warmth and color into their decor. They are an easy way to brighten up any home or office without making a huge investment.

For anyone who loves vibrant, happy artwork but isn't currently in the market for an original Marie Scott oil painting — Paper Prints are a good way to help bring a space to life.