How nice of you to stop by! If you've stumbled across this needle in the haystack, the main thing you need to know about me is that I love to do a lot of things.

I used to tell people I was an artist. But then that started to feel like a lie. So now I just think of myself as a person. And that alone is interesting enough.

Sometimes I paint happy pictures. Sometimes I write books I never finish. Sometimes I paint furniture.

Sometimes, when my boyfriend and I are feeling especially ambitious, we buy old houses and then together we make them feel even better than new. We've been doing this since the week of our wedding back in 1993, so breaking this 30+ year habit is not easy.

But sometimes it feels like I do nothing. That feeling usually happens when I get too tired from all the overdoing. And then the thought of doing anything more than simply getting-by can send me down into a very dark place.

I am a master of dreaming up new ideas and starting big things. But my track record of finishing things feels a lot sketchier than "it should." 

But no matter what I do, my main purpose in life is to do what I can to make things feel a whole lot better than they were before I came along. 

What's your purpose? I'd love to know...

—Marie Scott