Small DAILY Desk Calendar


"31 NUMBERS: Date Tracker or Habit Builder"
*Small CD Case/DAILY Desk Calendar*

This counting tool is designed for people who love color and enjoy marking the passage of time. The best thing about THIS calendar is how it has two uses!

OPTION 1: Use the number daily to correspond with the date of the month.

OPTION 2: Use the number daily, to track how many days in a row you are building a habit. At the end of the month you can check a box on the inside of the first page to track and entire year of growth, or the passage of time.

There are no years or months, so the date tracker never expires. As an added bonus/design element, each number is written out in both English and Spanish

The inside front page explains in more details how this date tracker can be used as either a timeless calendar or a goal setting assistant. 


  • 3.5" wide x 3.7" 
  • 17 sheets of #80 cover stock printed on both front and back 
  • Each page has one large numeral, starting from 1, counting up to 31
  • Each number has the English and Spanish word below the numeral
  • All pages fit into the CD case at one time
  • The CD case comes sealed inside a clear plastic envelope 

Paper art designs are a great way to add warmth and color into your decor. They are an easy way to brighten up any home or office without making a huge investment.

For anyone who loves vibrant, happy colors, this calendar makes an affordable gift for yourself or a friend to enjoy indefinitely.