"Sunflower Bouquet" {FLORAL OIL PAINTING}


This painting called SUNFLOWER BOUQUET features a simple cluster of flowers sitting on a kitchen counter, basking in the afternoon sunlight.

The water in the Ball Jar adds a feeling a serenity, while the strong detailed blossoms are bold and strong. This is a painting you could get lost in, so be sure to place it somewhere where you will have a chance to gaze at it often.

36" wide x 36" tall x 1.5" deep.
Original oil painting. 

Painted on all four edges of the canvas so you do not need to frame — unless of course you want to!

[This size of artwork will look amazing over a fireplace, a large piece of furniture or on a medium to large wall. It could also look great in a kitchen, family room, living room, or even an office of lobby.]

NOTE: As this painting is still drying, the earliest ship date would be after Christmas. But local pick up could happen on December 18th.