Meet Marie Scott


Marie Scott spent the first decade of her grown-up life working as a graphic designer. She eventually quit her day job in 2001, to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an artist who paints “Pictures of Happiness.”

After painting blue skies and sunny places for many years, Marie and her family left her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2008.

They chose to relocate their life to South Carolina — for the express purpose of living in a place where the sky most often looks just like the sunny scenes Marie loves to paint.


“With each new oil painting I create, I am striving to evoke feelings of happiness, hope, and peace.”


If you find a piece or art you would like to weave into the fabric of your home — I hope your new purchase will bring you as much pleasure and enjoyment as I found while creating the painting.
This "REMEMBER GOODNESS" website contains only a fraction of the 350+ paintings I have created since 2002.
Since many of the paintings on this website are my most recent works — they
have been inspired by my travels throughout the state of South Carolina. 
Having spent the majority of my life as a Midwesterner — I still find myself captivated by the open, tranquil beauty that is so unique to the Lowcountry.
Even after nine years of life in the South, I am STILL falling in love with the beautiful places found all across this visually-inspiring state.
Wishing you many memories of Good Things…
— Marie Scott